Newlyweds share a kiss after walking down the aisle, surrounded by the joy and celebration of their wedding ceremony in Vancouver, WA

Moriah & Creighton’s Dream Wedding in Vancouver, WA

Photographing Moriah and Creighton’s dream wedding in Vancouver, Washington was an absolute delight. This sweet couple created a day that was as unique and beautiful as their love story. Every detail handpicked and curated by the bride herself, showcasing her impeccable taste. The result is a laid-back picnic vibe that still feels incredibly upscale and elegant.

The Love and Excitement of the Day

From the moment I arrived, it was clear how deeply in love Moriah and Creighton are. One of the most memorable parts of the day is their first look. Both were bursting with excitement and anticipation to see each other before the ceremony and the arrival of their guests. The joy on their faces and the love in their eyes was truly heartwarming and made for some of my favorite photos of the day.

Warmth and Kindness from Friends and Family

What stood out just as much as the couple’s love for each other is the kindness and warmth from their friends and family. I especially appreciate when family and guests treat myself and my assistants with as much care and respect as they do their own family, it makes me love what I do that much more. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, making the day run smoothly and allowing Moriah and Creighton to fully enjoy their special moments. It’s always a pleasure to be part of such a supportive and loving group.

The Details

Moriah’s attention to detail is nothing short of extraordinary. She handpicked every dress for her bridesmaids, knowing exactly which styles and colors would look best on each of her gal pals. Additionally, she selected every piece of jewelry the bridesmaids wore, ensuring that each accessory complemented the dresses perfectly. The result is a cohesive and stunning bridal party that reflected Moriah’s exquisite taste.

The table settings were also fully designed by Moriah. Each tablescape is simple yet perfectly curated, demonstrating her ability to blend elegance with a laid-back vibe seamlessly. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from her for my own wedding planning!

One unique touch that I can’t forget to mention is the Italian soda bar, this adds a fun and refreshing element to the celebration. Guests loved the variety and customization options, making it a hit throughout the day. (My assistant and I definitely went back for seconds)

The Classic Car

Creighton, a big car enthusiast, incorporated his own passion into the wedding in the most charming way. His project car and classic car were featured in the bridal photos, adding a personal and playful touch to the day. As the wife of a car guy myself, it’s really cool to see how much Moriah supports Creighton’s hobby and included it in their celebration. It made shooting their couple’s portraits even more fun and meaningful.

Looking Forward to More Celebrations

The joy doesn’t end with Moriah and Creighton’s wedding. I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be photographing one of their friend’s weddings later this year too. It’s always a pleasure to reconnect with couples and their loved ones, and I can’t wait to capture more beautiful memories for this wonderful group.

Moriah and Creighton’s wedding was such a dream. The perfect blend of love, joy, and thoughtful details. Their laid-back yet upscale picnic vibe, the unique Italian soda bar, and the inclusion of Creighton’s classic cars made the day unforgettable. Surrounded by kind and welcoming friends and family, it was a privilege to capture their special moments. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing them again soon and continuing to document not only their beautiful journey, but that of their friends too.

To see more from this gorgeous day, visit the link here to their full gallery! If you’re a couple planning your celebration for late 2024 or 2025, and think we’d be a good fit, reach out here and let’s get to chatting!

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