Why Opting for a First Look on Your Wedding Day is a Great Idea

Bride and groom reading heartfelt private vows to each other

Opting for a First Look on Your Wedding Day

While the tradition of waiting until the ceremony to see your partner for the first time on your wedding day is romantic and nostalgic, I am here to show you why opting for a first look on your wedding day is a great idea and how this can enhance your wedding experience in meaningful ways.

Getting Nerves Out of the Way

Wedding days are filled with anticipation and nerves. Opting for a first look allows you and your partner to see each other in a private and intimate setting before the ceremony. This special moment can help calm nerves and alleviate some of the built-up anticipation, allowing you both to relax and fully enjoy the rest of the day together.

Quality Time Together

Wedding days often pass by in a whirlwind, and couples may find themselves barely seeing each other throughout the excitement and busyness. A first look provides a precious opportunity for you and your partner to share a quiet moment together and spend a lot more of your special day together. It’s a chance to exchange words, hugs, kisses, and to simply be present with each other before the day’s events unfold.

Efficient Use of Time

Having a first look allows you to complete family photos, bridal party photos, and even some couple portraits before the ceremony. This means that after you say “I do,” you can actually join your guests during cocktail hour and enjoy this special time together. You won’t need to rush through photos while your guests are waiting, ensuring a smoother and more relaxed schedule for the rest of the evening.

Two Sets of Bridal Photos

A highlight that a lot of my couples tend to love is the fact that you get two opportunities for bridal photos with your partner if you opt for the first look. You’ll have photos capturing the initial emotion and excitement of seeing each other for the first time, as well as the chance to capture golden hour photos later in the day. This variety ensures that you have a diverse and beautiful collection of images that showcase different moods and lighting!

Ultimately, choosing whether or not to have a first look is a personal decision that should align with your preferences and vision for your wedding day. While tradition holds its charm, the practical benefits of a first look are undeniable. So I do tend to suggest considering these factors as you plan your wedding day timeline and weigh the pros and cons of incorporating a first look into your celebration. But if it doesn’t fit your vision, no biggie! As your wedding photographer I am here to bring what you are dreaming of to life, and support you in every way.

Whether you decide on a first look or to wait until the ceremony, what matters most is that your wedding day reflects your love story and creates lasting memories that you’ll cherish forever.

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