Bailey & Kyle’s Sawtooth Elopement

Capturing weddings in the breathtaking landscape of the Sawtooth Mountains is both a privilege and a passion of mine. Living so close to this iconic destination allows me the opportunity to witness and photograph love stories in some of nature’s most stunning backdrops. With that being said, Bailey and Kyle’s elopement in the Sawtooths is a perfect example of why I adore photographing here so much. From the moment I met them during their engagement session, I knew their wedding day would be something special. We navigated weather forecasts and had to make last-minute adjustments to ensure their day was perfect, and I can’t help but feel forever grateful for the chance to document their love in such awe-inspiring scenery.

From Engagement Session to Mountain Elopement

Bailey, Kyle, and their Bernese Mountain Dog; Ollie, were an absolute blast during their engagement session. We spent the evening chasing the sunset and capturing their love amidst the natural beauty of Idaho. We laughed a ton, chatted all things dogs, and I felt an instant connection with these two. It was obvious I’d found a dream client and I couldn’t wait to join them again for their mountain elopement.

Leading up to their big day the weather forecast showed the possibility of snow on the horizon. We stayed in constant communication, checking hourly updates to decide the best course of action. The original plan was for the elopement to occur on Saturday morning, September 30th. I was already car camping in the area and keeping a watchful eye on the forecast, while updating Bailey every chance I could find cell reception. Then, Friday morning, the 29th, we decided that by noon we’d have to make a decision of wether or not to switch the elopement to that evening instead. Sure enough, we did exactly that, due to clear skies and wanting to avoid the snow predicted for the following morning.

A Perfectly Executed Plan

Everyone involved, including their vendors, were incredibly accommodating. It was a perfect team effort to ensure everything went perfectly for Bailey and Kyle. And the two of them were such troopers. They remained positive and happy throughout the planning process regardless of the weather uncertainties. They were truly just excited to be out there no matter what happened.

As discussed, we indeed ended up moving the elopement to Friday evening within just a couple of hours. It unfolded beautifully with clear skies, a breathtaking sunset, and a private dinner in a beautiful clearing by the lake. The set-up was straight out of a dream, it could honestly be featured on a magazine cover (crossing fingers). Their florist and coordinator picked a beautiful spot against the backdrop of the Sawtooth Mountains by the lake, and even ran out and picked up wood fired pizzas for the group to enjoy. It was a stunning site to see.

Of course Bailey and Kyle brought their two pups along, making the evening even more joyous and heartwarming. It was a privilege to spend this beautiful evening with them and their wonderful support group of family and friends.

Bridal Portraits and Private Vows

One of the most magical parts of the day was the beautiful walk we took for Bailey and Kyle’s bridal portraits. We found a secluded meadow where they exchanged private vows and heartfelt gifts as the sun set over the mountains. It was a serene and intimate moment, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Sawtooths.

Bailey and Kyle’s love for each other and their joyous spirits made every moment of their elopement special. I still look back on their bridal photos and wish we could venture out again every year to capture even more magic. But because there are too many favorites to choose from, you can view their gallery here!

A Personal Celebration

I must admit I am particularly biased when it comes to Bailey and Kyle, who are true dream clients. During this same trip, on my final morning camping, I was enjoying morning coffee by the water with my boyfriend and our own pup when he surprised me with a proposal. It was a delightful coincidence because Bailey and Kyle had been playfully inquiring about our engagement plans and even jokingly offered to chat with my fiancĂ© to assist with ring shopping. A super funny coincidence that I’ll never forget. Almost like they predicted it! After letting the newlyweds enjoy their exciting time together, I shared the news with Bailey about a week later. She was immediately so excited for us and we all had a good laugh about their inquiries prior to.

Safe to say, photographing Bailey and Kyle’s elopement was a dream come true. Not only because they are among my favorite clients ever but also because it included a surprise celebration for myself. It was a weekend filled with a lot of love, laughter, and breathtaking views—a perfect reflection of Bailey and Kyle’s beautiful relationship.

For future couples planning to elope, or looking for couples photos in the Sawtooth Mountains, don’t hesitate to reach out here! Your local photographer (me) can’t wait to meet you!

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